Take a holistic approach

“I have got an attractive brand logo designed.”

Many business owners feel that designing an attractive website and a unique logo is all it takes to create a brand image. It might grab the attention of your visitors for a while, but would not make them pick up the phone and call you immediately. Promotions are short-lived too, as they can be copied easily. Your marketing plan should include an optimum mix of well-planned online and offline activities that slowly head you toward your goals. Online activities do not eat too much of your budget so you can be liberal while planning them. Online branding activities include:

  • Building an informative website that inches your prospects from ‘attention’ to ‘desire’ stage
  • Optimizing your website for search engines to increase organic visitors
  • Marketing your business online by actively participating in related blogs, forums, networks, communities, business directories, and allied websites
  • Posting useful content on twitter, wikis, youtube, PRweb, ezinearticles, and the likes
  • Site-targeted advertising, pay-per-click search campaigns, and banner ads based on your budget
  • Opt-in newsletter, webinars, and promotional email marketing campaigns

Offline activities include print/TV advertising, marketing collateral building, event participation, direct marketing, customer support, and more. All these activities should be done intelligently keeping your core brand positioning in mind all the time. Consider other external factors too. Word of mouth can play an important role in the web-world.

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