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Online marketing is just 50% done without social media marketing. Even though most businesses acknowledge this fact, they seldom are serious about social media marketing. If your prospects are using social media, then there is no reason for you not utilizing it. Here are some facts that you should consider:

  • Twitter recognized as the 5th best traffic generator for businesses, gives you the right eco-system to touch your followers/prospects and get their real pulse. And it’s a killer medium for word-of-mouth marketing. Hard to ignore if you are serious about marketing your stuff online.
  • Facebook, with over 400 million users and over 500 billion minutes spend by users per month and still growing as you read this, makes it an absolute un-ignorable pool of prospects for your business.
  • LinkedIn helps like-minded people stay connected with information and opportunities. It can be used to find suitable resources for accentuating your business growth and staying in touch with your clients. This is suitable even for B2B companies.

Social media management services:

Our social media services include managing your accounts on the top three social media websites namely Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We can search for news/interesting articles in your domain and post updates at a pre-defined frequency for you. But remember, social media is all about interaction, and it helps if clients pay at least some attention to what is happening on their social media accounts and furnish us with right inputs.

As a part of our Social Media Marketing solution, we do the following activities on your behalf:social media management services

1. Setting up accounts on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn

2. Following 30 people per week on Twitter and LinkedIn (based on your company related keywords)

3. Creating a Facebook fan page

4. Following industry-related Facebook pages

5. Joining industry-related groups on LinkedIn and follow the ongoing discussions to post comments wherever appropriate

6. Posting minimum three updates on all social media accounts per day (morning/afternoon/evening)

7. Designing customized twitter background

8. Following industry-specific websites to gather content for social media updates

9. Monitoring all social media sites twice daily and respond to/alert company to comments, as appropriate

WordPress blog management services:

WordPress eases the flow of useful information to your prospects through blogs. Surveyed as the proven way to break wordpress blog management servicesthrough the rigidity of your prospect’s mind and cement a place in their memory. If you have a blog and would like to update it regularly with informative articles, we can help you. We can write articles and post them too along with relevant images. WordPress is real great for your online marketing success, as search engines, like Google love WordPress, your informative articles gets easily accessed by your target audience and directly improves your brand visibility. These articles have to be written in a direct, informative, lead generating, impression building, and search engine friendly way to add that killer instinct.

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