3. Implement and measure to the last detail

“I have explained my business goals and marketing objectives to my staff.”

That is a good first step, but definitely not the last one. Your main objective is to create a unique position in the mind of your prospects. Staff often understands the marketing objectives, but seldom knows how to put them across to the clients effectively. A robust marketing plan will draw your internal audience as well as your external audience. To enable this, you have to chalk out monthly/quarterly and yearly marketing goals and ways to achieve them. The goals could be in terms of number of unique visitors, leads, new customers, repeat customers, reference customers, marketing budget, and so on. Online marketing is highly measurable and you can usually know the results of your activities in real-time.

4. Change is the only constant

“My last year’s plan got me good leads; I think I will stick to it for a couple of years.”

The world is changing at such a fast pace that you cannot rest with the belief that what worked earlier will keep working in future too. While one email campaign can bring 500 leads in a week, the next one can bomb as your emails land in the junk mailbox – harming your corporate image drastically. You will have to stay ahead of the changes happening around you and across the world and take advantage of the ones that could be used in your case. Coco Cola’s first ad campaign worked like a charm, but that didn’t stop it from experimenting and treading new grounds. Every year or season, we see newer manifestations of the same brand message in different mediums – a good example to follow.

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