5. Utilize free tools

“I do not have the budget to make elaborate marketing plans.”

Many small business owners do not even venture into well-planned marketing because they think that it will cost a fortune. With some skills in “Googling,” anybody can quickly find ways to cost-effectively execute marketing plans. The best part is that most online tools are free for low-volume usage. For instance, you can execute an email campaign for free if your database size is less than 100, through Group Mail software. Article and press release submission is free on all the sites; forum and network memberships are nominal too and have options for free members. There are many Web 2.0 tools that you can use, for instance AdCandy allows consumers to develop advertising slogans and suggest product improvements for their favorite brands. Zixxo allows you to create and manage you own online coupons and syndicate them out to local consumers through partner websites and RSS feeds. You can use BazaarVoice to get consumer opinions. There are many more effective ones – all you have to do is search.

You would need to put in dedicated effort and time to make your marketing plans work, but at the end you would realize that it was all worth it. All the best!

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