Understand the purpose of the Flash

Flash animations or demos are actively used in most corporate websites today. The first step is to identify the reason for creating that Flash. Usually an animation works best when you have to demonstrate some process or steps to the visitor. Make sure that you understand them clearly. If it’s a product demo, the content will talk more about the features.

Visualize before writing

The next step is to visualize how the animation would look like. Think of the pictures that would be used. Coordinate this task with the designer and then start framing the content.

Follow logical sequence of thought

Writing content for Flash animation is an entirely different game. The words you write will make more impact than plain text, so use of powerful words is necessary. Follow a logical thought process so that one image flows into the other and text makes perfect sense.

Don’t write what images already illustrate

People recall the images more than text. Do not write more about what the image shows, instead write text that adds another level of details to that image. This will make people realize the importance of the pictures used. Also tell the designer to animate words based on what they mean, for instance, “expand” word expands out of the screen.

Write short sentences of less than 40 characters

Your sentences should be very short. They could be similar to bulleted lists that you make, but make sure that once sentence flows out of the other and the sequence of thought doesn’t break.

Bottom line: keep is short, as moving text is harder to read; besides you wouldn’t like to turn off your readers!