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Powerful and compelling content, written for the audience, and optimized for the web,” are some of the terms we hear from our clients daily, and we know what goes into creating such content. A well-written piece of information which is like a self-talking and self-motivated marketer dressed in alphabets has the power to propel your business, and our passion and experience lies in delivering such high-quality content for all your online/offline marketing needs. And, with our highly affordable services, we intend to make things much easier for you.

Website content writing:

Your website is your window to the online audience. It is a beautiful synchronization of design and words, making it irresistible for the visitors to spend time on your site. Our right content strategies will help you make those extra impressions on your visitors. If you are building your first website, we help you with design ideas and sitemap planning too. We also write website landing pages for your online lead generation campaigns. We aim to increase the stickiness of your website so that more profit sticks to you. Additional reading: article on writing website content.

Article writing:

Articles offer a fine way to easily demonstrate your knowledge. A global online market reads those articles, shares them with their networks, post comments and interacts based on what you write. The impact is huge if the articles are of value to your readers. You have the thoughts in your mind, but due to lack of time you are unable to bring them to light. We will do it for you; take your inputs and write the articles. We can even manage your WordPress blog. You can use articles for your blog, newsletters, article directories, website, and post them on social media to bring in more traffic and ignite more conversations. We have written thousands of articles till now and our experience will surely benefit you. So there you have it, no more excuses for not getting your articles published online. Additional reading: How to write informative web articles?

Please note: we do not take up bulk SEO article re-writing jobs.

Online marketing collateral writing:

This involves almost everything that needs to be written for a variety of audience and media. As your business grows you have to be easily accessible at every single customer touch-point and this requires effectively written content to build that overall presence for your brand.

E-brochure writing:

E-brochures are written to mirror the essence of your brand, products and offerings to your e-prospects. E-brochures are affordable and offer a higher level of flexibility to marketers as they can be easily downloaded by anybody and you get a lead with every download. We believe that all companies that seek to build an online presence must utilize this simple marketing tool. Additional reading: Creating interesting brochures.

Case study writing:

Case studies, if brought out in the right way, will best showcase your experience as a credible solution provider for your customers. These success stories should importantly sound credible and inspiring so that it attracts new and more customers to your business. We can interact with your subject matter experts, collect all the technical info, and churn it into a well-written, easy-to-understand marketing case study. We have written over 300 case studies for a variety of clients. Additional reading: Transforming case studies into success stories.

Whitepaper writing:

Sometimes you need to be clearer and elaborate to your prospects to really make them understand your solution to their problems. Having written whitepapers for many of our clients and seeing the advantages, we urge you to use this tool in your marketing activities. Whitepaper marketing is a great way to increase your brand value and credibility. We can help you do it. Additional reading: Whitepaper writing format.

PowerPoint presentation writing:

PowerPoint presentations offer a great way to showcase your technical processes, diagrams, charts in an easy to understand manner. Many companies are utilizing and other PPT sharing websites to showcase their presentations online. Or, you might need presentations to pitch for new clients. A sloppy presentation with poor language can have a bad impact on your reputation. Using all the PowerPoint tools and features, we can build a sleek presentation for you.

Newsletter writing:

Newsletters offer a steady step-by-step mechanism to grow your brand on your prospects’ minds. Just nurture it properly and it will give you the fruits. We can help you by building regular power-packed newsletters for your company with latest news and point-of-view articles. Additional reading: Newsletters to enhance brand image.

HTML/plain text email writing:

Emails pitches that reach your prospects’ mailboxes, grab their eyeballs and suck them into the email to bring them to your landing page and get them to take action are not as easy to craft. With our help, you can do this too. Additional reading: Tips to create email pitches that generate inquiries.

Online press release writing:

Online PR is a bit different from writing for print media. You have to be newsy, hit the readers straight with the information, use keyword optimization techniques so that your press release comes up in searches, and it also requires the writer to follow the news display pattern of the medium in which these releases are made. It’s a great way to get online attention. Additional reading: Writing convincing press releases for online publicity.

Social media content writing:

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn help you initiate discussions and span surveys and get the real pulse of your followers/connections/prospects. Fortunately, these sites are useful only if you maintain a regular presence and join in the conversations happening online. You might not have the time, but we do. We can write content for your social media activities and post them for you. Know more about our social media services >>

Online advertising content writing:

This involves short, sticky, informative and heavily beneficial content targeted towards a specific set of audience. Secondly, this content has to be put at the right places so that it consumes the readers and leaves them wanting. It obviously requires our writers to add some glue and benefits on these contents so that it sticks clearly in the minds of your prospects. Additional reading: The good and the bad of the most popular types of online advertising.

SEO writing:

You absolutely cannot do without keyword optimization techniques injected carefully and smartly into the online content that you write. Right keyword optimization will bring you on top of not only the search engines but also on top of your customer’s mind. Additional reading: Writing search engine friendly content for top-to-toe of your website.

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