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We are a team of freelance content writers in Bangalore and India.

If you are a freelance writer, you can also be a part of our team and:

  • Get freelance assignments matching your experience
  • Be a part of a community of writers
  • Publish your articles on this blog
  • Get tips on content writing through email

How to join our team of freelance writers?

  • Send your request and resume at
  • Attach or send links of your sample work
  • Remember to mention the writing areas you are good at
  • We will send you a sample assignment
  • After approval you will join our list of writers

Get your articles published on this blog:

You already know what this blog is all about. We are the people who write a great amount of marketing and web content to make our living. We interact with the top marketing and content managers at a global level and somehow become a part of their online marketing strategies. This blog is a platform where we can discuss online marketing and content writing trends that we come across during our everyday work for organizations big or small. So send in your contributions. If selected, your article would be published on this blog along with your name and link. Please make sure that the article is original and not published anywhere else.

Other related freelance professionals, please get in touch with us:

If you are a freelance web designer, SEO specialist, graphic designer, web analyst, online marketing expert, or social media expert, we would like to know you.

And don’t forget to get connected with us on twitter and LinkedIn right away.

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