From presidential candidates to companies, friends and celebrities, over 200 million registered users are out there on the micro blogging site, Twitter. The clutter is aplenty and you’re not alone if you feel lost in the world of symbols and general chatter! An estimated 140 million tweets are sent a day, so, how does one cut out the noise and make the most of the micro blogging site with a limited amount of resources and time? Read on to get a host of useful tips on how you can use the site to the best of your advantage, getting tools to automatically sift through all the unwanted messages that don’t really concern you or your brand.

Twitter friendly applications:To begin with, leveraging the advantages of user friendly tools like Tweetdeck,  Twhirl and Hootsuite to manage your twitter account better and select relevant information for you or your brand is worth knowing.  Tweetdeck for example works as your personal browser that you can install on your system and customize according to your specifications. Suddenly, Twitter becomes so much easier to understand with this handy tool. Attractively designed and inviting to users, all one needs to do is download the tool and it works behind the scenes, giving you unobtrusive, yet relevant updates as and when they come in. Twhirl is another very useful tool that rolls everything one needs for Twitter into a neat function. Hootsuite is an application and can also be used for managing multiple social networks, especially Twitter.

Keyword searches: Once you’ve set up one of these applications, invest time initially on looking for keywords and people who are tweeting on a topic that you want to track. ‘Follow’ing these people is useful as it saves time and eliminates unwanted chatter. Subsequently, you can keep track for new users that you may want to add to this list.Re-tweeting is a popular way to rebroadcast information from one tweeter to another as this information is usually found particularly interesting and useful by another individual/s and therefore worth tracking.

Mentions: Another search criteria that you can set for your brand is @mention. When you do this, you get an alert on anyone who mentions you. This column will track it and keep a column for your ready reckoning with all the people who have been Tweeting about you.

#tags and direct messaging: Advanced Twitter users use the organically evolved #tag. This is to enable the person who tweets to categorize the message, making it show up more easily in searches. Following these tags is also a time-saver. When replying to messages, replying via direct messages will earn you a higher chance of getting noticed and a reply as opposed to posting a general message on the site that people may ignore.

All these could save you time on looking for information relevant to you, now, how do you make YOUR brand stand out and get people to notice you?

Beings search engine friendly: To be noticed, you’ve got to have your head above the crowd. And to do that on a micro blogging site like twitter, your tweets should be SEO savvy and contain keywords for which you are trying to market your service.

Tracking your performance: Performance is tracked not only by the number of people following you but also by the number of relevant followers, number of useful interactions, and your influence over your followers. There are many free and paid twitter analyzer tools that you can use to assess various aspects of your twitter presence. If your relevant followers increase, you know you are doing something right. If they’re dwindling, it’s time for some introspection! Key influencers of your brand are people who not only talk positively about you, but also have a big ‘followers’ list themselves. This insures that that they spread the word for you. If you’ve earned a substantial number of followers that fulfill these criteria, your time on Twitter has been well spent!

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